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Selective LLC is an excellent place to shop for vape products in the South Portland, ME area. We carry different sizes of cartridges, including half grams and full grams. Our 10+ years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the products we carry have allowed us to curate some of the best products available on the market.

You're sure to be impressed by our friendly staff and expansive product selection. Stop by our dispensary today to buy the vape cartridges you need.

3 reasons to switch from smoking to vaping

Many people buy vape cartridges in an attempt to quit smoking cigarettes. If you're a habitual smoker, you may want to consider switching to vapes because:

  1. Vapes are thought to cause less harm than traditional cigarettes
  2. Vape products may be more affordable than cigarettes, depending on how often you smoke
  3. Vaping doesn't produce long-lasting noxious odors, unlike smoking cigarettes
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